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Giving the perfect gift is always a challenge; that is especially true during the holidays. With family members and lots of friends on your shopping list, it’s easy to left your employees or important customers.

Find a unique gift

where-to-find-unique-gifts-in-londonIn modern business, personalized corporate gifts are important. A truly lasting gift should have great customization and personal touch. Engraving is a perfect option for creating such personalized gift, as you can engrave all kind of items from jewelry to trinkets. They add a personal touch and recognition for your colleagues and clients. This is also true for your personal life, do not fall a victim this year by giving a common present for a wedding present or an anniversary, personalized engraved gifts are much better option. Not everyone needs another lamp!

Engraved personalized gifts may enhance a professional appearance in the workplace while engraved awards and plaques are perfect for every corporate, professional or business event. Whether you are giving someone something special or just celebrating, with engraved gift you will give true love and respect. Personalized engraved gifts can be independently personalized with initials, names, images, dates or any text you can imagine. You should also consider a business logo or a motto as a prime motive on your engraved gift. No matter what the occasion may be, you can mark the day by giving a personalized engraved gift. You are only limited by your creativity and imagination!

Unlimited possibilities for engraving

slide_2The engraving is old, an ancient technique that nowadays comes with aF modern spin, it is possible to engrave almost any material wood, plastic, marble, glass, fabric, acrylic and much more. Today, the engraving industry remains in high demand as most prestige companies are accustomed to have decorated and personalized items as gifts for important occasions.  It is true that many popular items may be engraved such as mugs, pens, plaques, picture frames, watches and even mouse pads!

Few useful tips about engraved gifts

cameoHowever, there are several tips for personalizing your engraved gifts as they add a special touch. You should be creative, but at the same time give a gift that will last a lifetime. A material is very important, if you are looking for business engraved gifts, granite or hard wood such as oak and mahogany are the best options. Be sure to place correct text, name or date on the item or you can add a photo to many types of gifts. Be sure to combine a photo theme with natural texture of the material or use a black and white classic design. If your occasion is not too formal, you may dare to use modern, progressive style or surprise all your guests with cute retro design.

You can give a personalized engraved gift for any occasion like birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries or holidays. At the end of the day, you will surely agree that it is a perfect way to personalize your next corporate event, meeting or employee award ceremony.

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Technology has progressed exponentially to our need for improving our lives, making new inventions work better and faster. Easy solutions that save time, or just make life less complicated are often seen in the form of rechargeable electrical devices used daily but what really shows how advanced we have become in technology is laser technology.

This idea of generating a beam of energy concentrated in one spot for surgical precision is known from science fiction movies. This kind of technology is available for some time now giving new methods to accessorizing small objects. Presenting gifts is an old tradition in human history, where it stretches to medieval time. Gifts changed over time as we found new ways to use technology in everyday life. Creating gifts with engraved lettering really bring the idea of gift presenting to a whole new level. Engraving the lettering on a business card can be a great choice for and agent in Central Park making him stand up by presenting this business card to anyone. This technique can be done on many materials so let’s review some of them.

Wood engraving.

wood-engraving-victoria-09Business cards and a variety of small gifts for company associates and business partners often get engraving with laser technology.  On Tree Dimension Art you can find all about engraving on various materials. These are top notch instruments that allow a single larger beam to carve, with surgical precision, lettering that was designed previously in software connected with the laser tool. The process doesn’t require too much time and the desired product is ready as a gift as soon as the operation is finished. No need for polishing applying special paint or anything like it, and that’s why many companies decide that engraving is the best way to accessorize their business cards that represent them.

Plastic engraving. Plastic material can also be found engraved with brands and names of companies, the only problem is that plastic tend to melt around the edges of engraved letters. For this reason, a special kind of laser-targeted plastic material is created. This particular type of plastic contains silicate or similar materials that can conduct heat away from the material before it has a chance to melt and deform.

wood-guitar-engravingJewellery. Personalizing jewelry is becoming more and more popular, where the need to engrave hard minerals like diamonds increase every day. This was not an easy process and costs a lot, for in order to actually create letters and shape on such tough materials requires special equipment and stronger, more concentrated laser beams. Jewelers in the past needed to use extremely large pieces of equipment in order to engrave a single gem, nowadays there are units for laser engraving that are the size of the hand, so this service can be found in many malls on different kiosks. The laser can engrave on flat and curved surfaces as well, allowing even the smallest object to become branded and personalized by their owners.Golden-Jewellery-bangle-HD-wallpapers

Glass engraving. Glass seems like a better candidate for engraving that other mentioned material. Given that glass crystals shatter at the microscopic level rather than burn or melt like wood or plastic, it allows greater precision and freedom of expressing the customers idea.

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